In order to become a member of Fellowship Bible Church, we ask that each person fulfill the following expectations:

  • Believe

The Scriptures identify the members of the Body of Christ as those who have responded to the grace of God through faith in the Person and works of Jesus Christ. Salvation comes to those who believe in the Lord, Jesus Christ, turn away from sin, and receive His gift of salvation through His sacrifice on the Cross for our sins.

  • Complete Discover Fellowship Class

If you are wanting to make Fellowship Fayetteville your new church home, Discover Fellowship is a great first step. Discover Fellowship addresses the important question: "Should I join Fellowship Fayetteville?" and explores important issues like: Fellowship's vision and mission, functions of the Elder Board, philosophy of ministry, membership responsibilities, and our core doctrine.

  • Commit

Make every effort to continually mature as a follower of Christ.

  • Share Your Story

Each person is asked to share their personal story of how they came to personally know Jesus Christ. This will be done verbally in our small groups and in written form in the membership application.

  • Complete the Membership Papers

Complete our membership form to officially request to become a member of Fellowship Fayetteville.