Spring Break Missions

2018 Prayer Guide

This is the time of year when hundreds of Fellowship students and adults are preparing to embark on outreach trips locally, regionally, and globally to spread the Gospel and make a difference in the lives of others.  As different cultures mesh and relationships form, our goal is to reach the unreached both near and far. For those of us not taking part in these trips physically, we can still be involved… by praying!

Use the prayer guide below to pray for our trips or download Prayer Guide HERE!

FSM Fayetteville Trips

Kansas City | 7th-9th grades
March 18-23
Leaders: Tad Moore and Ally White
Purpose: To partner with multiple inner city ministries throughout Kansas City so that God will grow our students' hearts for service to those in need and equip them with practical ways to serve our own community

  • This experience together deepens our sense of unity among students, leaders, and staff.
  • Students will see the value and joy in serving others and living selflessly.
  • Opportunities to deepen our own understanding of the Gospel and to share it with people we meet.

Puebla, Mexico | 10th-12th grades
March 18-23
Leader: Kyle McCarthy
Purpose: To partner with the BAM Center in Puebla, MX, and join them in their efforts to plant Gospel communities in the village of San Nicolas.

  • Students will catch the vision of God's heart for the nations.
  • Each student has a chance to share their story of how Jesus changed their life with someone they meet.
  • Through the efforts of the BAM Center, a Gospel community will take root in San Nicolas and a discipleship movement will begin.

FSM Trips (NWA)

FSM Colcord | 7th grade
March 17-23
Leader: Abbie Lay
Purpose: To teach 7th grade students what it looks like to serve the Lord by loving and caring for others and by laying a foundation of Christlike service, stewardship, and generosity that they will carry into the rest of their lives

  • Students will understand and connect with God's heart to serve others.
  • Our Lord would deepen students' foundation of community and discipleship.
  • Our team would have fun!

FSM Memphis | 8th-9th grades
March 17-23
Leader: Hunter House
Purpose: To equip our students for discipleship

  • Students will grow in their relationship with the Lord and with their cell group.
  • Students will be bold to proclaim the Gospel in their cell groups, with the people of Memphis, and back home in their schools.
  • Our team would be unified and safe.

FSM Memphis Eikon | 10th-12th grades
March 17-23
Leader: Jake Fauber
Purpose: To equip our students for discipleship

  • For a continued growing partnership with Eikon ministries.
  • Our students would catch the vision of serving others and joining the Lord in His command of making disciples.

FSM Guatemala | 10th-12th grades
March 17-25
Leaders: Thomas Brown and Tori Vaughan
Purpose: To expose our students to God's work in the world

  • The Lord would continue to prepare our team for what He has in store for us in Guatemala.
  • Our team would understand and connect with God's heart for the broken and for the nations to know Him.
  • Casa Aleluya's ministry would continue to grow and be used by the Lord to impact Guatemala.


FSM Ecuador | 11th-12th grades
March 17-25
Leader: Caleb Freeman
Pupose: Equipping, evangelism, and service

  • Our team would experience the grace of the Lord and extend the grace of the Lord to one another and the people of Ecuador.
  • Our team would be Christlike examples to both believers and non-believers within the village of Gualisaqui. 

FSM Costa Rica | 11th-12th grades
March 17-25
Leader: Amy Andersen
Purpose: To equip the students

  • Our team will continue to grow in the Lord, and that growth would lead us to share and reflect Christ to one another and the people of Costa Rica.
  • Our team would partner well with the Martin family and their ministry.
  • The people of Costa Rica would know and experience Christ in their lives.

NWA Family Trip

Belize | Families and children 3rd grade or older
March 19-25
Leader: Ryan Schmuck
Purpose: To encourage local believers and share in ministry taking place in Belize

  • Our team will humbly serve, love, and share Christ's love with others.
  • God will draw the people of Belize to Himself. 

Mosaic Student Trips

NWA | 6th-8th grades
March 18-23
Leader: Scott Jones
Purpose: To provide an avenue to produce and release our students as spiritual leaders in NWA while endeavoring to bless the ministry of Camp War Eagle at Jones Elementary, all while striving to establish and deepen relationships with Jesus Christ

  • Our students' hearts will be stirred by the truth of Jesus to love intentionally and serve sacrificially.
  • The Lord would use the programming and relationships to bless SOAR (Service Opportunities Academics Recreation, Camp War Eagle AfterSchool Program) and bring salvation to many SOAR and Mosaic students who do not walk with Jesus. 


Kansas City | 9th-11th grades
March 18-23
Leader: Janie Crow
Purpose: Gospel-centered service

  • Our students to know Christ and make Him known in Kansas City.
  • Fellowship Redeemer Church and ministries in Kansas City would feel encouraged and blessed by our team serving them and loving their community. 

Guatemala | 12th grade
March 18-23
Leaders: Collin Jackson and Delaney Kinard
Purpose: To make Christ known in the lives of men, women, and children as Mosaic Students serve alongside church planters in villages and cities surrounding Antigua, Guatemala

  • God would allow each student an opportunity to share who He is with the men, women, and children we meet.
  • God would allow this team to bless and serve the church in Guatemala in furthering His Kingdom.