We come together every Sunday morning to remember and revel in the Gospel of grace through faith in Jesus, our new identity as a result of His work, and the calling He’s given us—to make disciples as we love Him and others in and through community.
As we gather on Sunday mornings, we desire to worship in spirit and truth; proclaiming the Gospel and praising God in everything we say and do—teaching, singing, prayer, communion, baptism, and sharing changed life stories.
We invite you to come experience the empowering presence of Christ with us. Come as you are. Fellowship is a people who know they’re broken but have great value in the hands of the Artist. To Him be the glory forever and ever.

Worship With Us

worship with fellowship

We will gather this Sunday Morning at 9:00 or 10:30am for a time of worship and fellowship. On Sunday Nights at 7:00pm our college students are invited to a  worship celebration with their community.

We gather the church to worship the Lord and hear from His Word. It is a rallying point for the people of Fellowship which encourages and inspires so that we can go out and express our faith during the week.

Get Involved

serve on the worship team

What is Worship you might ask? Worship is seeing God for who He really is and then giving a proper response. Worship is not confined to music. Rather, worship is responding to the Lord. Worship can take many forms like singing, playing an instrument, painting, or dancing and other times its making an offering or taking communion. Worship is really a lifestyle.

It takes quite a few people, serving behind the scenes, to pull together a worship service. We could always use some extra hands and feet.

Interested in vocal, musician, or tech/production opportunities to serve?