SERVE - Care Team

Apply to Serve with the Care Team

Our Care Ministry is designed to encourage, serve, honor and love one another with real practical ways that bring help in times of need and unexpected life change. We do this with faith based support groups and Impact care teams. If you have a heart that wants to care for God’s people, join one of our teams or help co-lead a group.
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Specific Care Ministry Teams Descriptions

Hospital Visitation Team: As a member of the Hospital Visitation Team, you will have the opportunity to personally pray with and bring comfort to those who are hospitalized. Opportunities to sit with families in the waiting room and sitting bedside for the family as they run an errand are also possible.
Homebound Visitation Team: As a member of the Homebound Visitation Team, you will have the privilege of engaging with our church family folks who no longer can attend church or a community group. You can talk with them, pray with, read scripture, and extend Fellowship’s touch back to them.

Card Writing Team: As a member of the Card Writing Team, you will be able to use your creative writing skills to write and send a card to those in our church who have been hospitalized, lost a loved one, or who are just in need of encouragement. A Card received goes a long way in helping someone cope with a troublesome situation.

Disaster Relief Team (DRT): As a member of the Disaster Relief Team, you may be deployed to assist our church family in the event of a natural disaster like a tornado, ice storm, flood, fire or earth quake. DRT will there to help our folks get back on their feet or in their homes by helping with clean up, small repairs, and looking for lost items. Deployment is for one day, but could include an overnight trip if our team is sent to assist victims within a 200 mile radius of our area.

Meal Prep Team: As a member of our Meal Prep Team, you will help create delicious meals that can be frozen and stored in our church freezer until a family in need can use them. Special emphasis will be given to our families who are caring for a loved one with a serious illness.

Quilting Team: As a member of the Quilting Team, you will create specialty quilts designed for people in our congregations who are experiencing a serious illness that requires chemo and other related treatments.

Nursing Home Outreach Team: As a member of the Nursing Home Outreach Team, you will have the opportunity to share your music with those who are living in local retirement homes. Other team members will paint nails while talking with and praying for the female residents.

Cancer Visitation Team: As a member of the Cancer Visitation Team, you will be able to visit with families that have recently been diagnosed with cancer and share your story of hope with them, let them know what they can expect going forward and pray with them.

Grief and Divorce Visitation Teams: As a member of the Grief or Divorce Visitation Team, you will practice the ministry of presence with those going through losing a loved one or experiencing a divorce or separation. You will be able to offer support, a listening ear, prayer and encourage them to enter one of our support groups.