We are passionate about helping families own the spiritual development of the next generation.  Because we value the next generation, our Family Ministry wants to provide an environment where your kids are safe each time they come. Since every church’s security/check-in process is a little bit different, we want to walk you through what to expect when you bring your child for one of our services. Our security check in system is for children ages birth through 5th grade.

If you have questions about any of this process, one of our staff or volunteers will be excited to meet you and walk you through this process, step-by-step when you arrive. You can always email us your questions before or after your visit.


children's check-in

When visiting for the first time, you simply need to approach one of our volunteers at these check-in stations and they will help get you started.

Fellowship Security Check-in

Each child will be issued a nametag with his or her name on it. 

children's check in security

Next, a greeter will accompany you and your child to the classroom indicated on their name tag. There you will be able to meet their teacher and help get them settled into their classroom.

children check out

There are special check-out stations located throughout the campus. Simply walk by a check-out station, re-scan your key tag (or the temporary label given at check-in) and take a receipt ticket.

children's check in security

You may also use the check-out feature on the myFellowship mobile app. By using this app you will be able to skip the check-out lines and get your check-out receipt on your phone.

children's ministry program

The check-out receipt must be presented to the child’s teacher by a parent or a designated adult. If another adult is authorized to pick up your child, this must be noted at check-in.

fayetteville children's check-in

That’s all there is to it. We hope on the ride home that your child tells you about the new friends they made and what they learned about Jesus!

children's programs

If parents are needed during the service, their key tag number will appear on the LED displays in any of the adult worship spaces.