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Tip Tuesday 2017

Family Ministry



Family Hiking Adventures

Family Meetings

Contentment Prayer

Date Night In

40 Days 40 Bites: Family Guide to Pray for the World

A season of Gratitude

Being Holy in a Distracting World

Bible Story Challenge

Carnation Redemption Activity

Choose Kindness

Owning Spiritual development

Parenting in a Sexually Explicit Culture

Porn Free Family Plan

Navigating Technology

One Verse -How to Share the Gospel

Practical Discipleship in the Home

Grandparent’s Day Challenge

I’m Thankful printables


Reading Together

Redos: Giving and Relieving

Renewed Commitment

Serve in NWA during spring break

Setting Goals

Spiritual Conversations

Structure and Relationship

Thanksgiving Table Resources

Time to Lighten Up

Using Sports to Share Christ

Visionary Parenting

Ways to Serve

While They Are Sleeping

Who do you represent?

How Birth Order Affects Your Children

My Spiritual Story Script Tool

Summer Reading Club | Week 3 (Upper Elem)

Drive Time

Back to School Prayer Guide 2017

Summer Reading Club | Week 2 (Middle Elem)

Summer Reading Club | 1-3 grade

Setting Goals with Children

Global Prayer Calendar

Date Night Jar

Love Adventures

4 Traits of People who Thrive

Understanding the Strong Willed Child

Using Downtime to Engage Well

Mission XNA: Extravagant Love Challenge

Preparing Your Family For Easter

Teaching Kids about Money

Avoiding the Comparison Trap

Kindness and Serving


A Truth A Day

10 Tips for Weary Parents

Teaching Children to serve in the Ordinary

Prayer of a Fumbling Disciplinarian

Post: Prayer of a Fumbling Disciplinarian

How You Respond



So the Next Generation Will Know

Resurrection Rolls

One Word