Fellowship Bentonville

In the coming months, we will be talking with individuals and families about their financial pledge and commitment to help us build and complete Fellowship Bentonville. Through the generosity of community leaders and a Bentonville family, we already have a plot of land to build our new church home. But, we need more pledges and commitments to make that happen. Begin praying and commit to how your family can help us financially over the next 5 years to establish Fellowship Bentonville. 


A Note from our Bentonville Pastors

This is an exciting time for Fellowship Bentonville. The elders have approved us moving forward and starting the process of fundraising and developing our new campus. We do not have a launch date set for Fellowship Bentonville, but that does not keep you from joining us now!

Each month we meet together for Fellowship Bentonville Community Worship on the 4th Sunday of the month. Each of the other weekend of the month, we worship together in the main Worship Center as part of Fellowship Bible Church of Northwest Arkansas.  This special time for Community Worship gives us a chance to connect as a Bentonville community, hear from community groups and community leaders, and celebrate what God is already doing in our city.

We personally invite you to join us and connect deeper with what God is doing in Bentonville, Bella Vista and the surrounding communities.

-Bart Sego and Abel Schafer


Pray for Fellowship Bentonville

Stop by the future site of Fellowship Bentonville, on McCollum Dr. just North of Tiger Blvd, to pray for God’s blessing and guidance in this project. As you pray, please consider how you and your family can join financially with many others to help make Fellowship Bentonville a reality. We are challenging our church body for 100% participation in partnering on this project.

Bentonville Its Time