Adventureland - kid's-day-out program!

MISSION: To partner with parents to provide a Christ-centered learning environment for your child.

Ages: three months through preschool 
When: Mondays & Thursdays, 9:00am-2:00pm, during the school year and also a six-week summer session that includes an elementary age class, K-4th grade.
What: Children are placed in age-specific classes with low teacher to child ratios. Daily classroom activities incorporate Bible Lessons, songs, recess and age-appropriate learning activities to help them develop. Preschool classes incorporate Handwriting without Tears, a handwriting program and development activities that incorporate the Arkansas Frameworks for Kindergarten readiness.
1-day a week: Each child is $120.00/month
2-days a week: Each child is $240.00/month

For more information or a guided tour, contact Lori Hassion, Director, at 479-659-3691.

NEXT SESSION:  Monday 8/19/19 through Thursday 05/14/20!

KidsTIME - childcare for bible studies and staff!

For "Women's Bible Study" Registrants: In conjunction with our Women's Bible Studies on Tuesday & Wednesday mornings, we offer our KidsTIME childcare program. Once you register for a women's study, the childcare registration button will appear on the confirmation page. 

For more information on KidsTIME or to schedule a guided tour, contact Randi Scott at 479-659-3682.

For Fellowship Staff: KidsTIME is offered to children of Fellowship Staff, ages three-months through pre-kindergarten, on Monday & Wednesday from 9:00am-2:00pm. Pre-registration is required, and tuition is charged monthly. Our summer session also includes an elementary age class for children in Kindergarten - 4th grade. Bible Lessons are emphasized each week along with age-appropriate curriculum based on Arkansas' Frameworks for Kindergarten Readiness. 

Contact Lori Hassion or Randi Scott for Fellowship Staff tuition cost, days offered, and to register your Staff child.


Vision: Cultivate a partnership with parents and children to grow as Christ-centered disciples.
Mission: Teach Biblical truths to children, and nurture their hearts and minds as they become disciples of Christ. To equip them with the mental and physical skills they need.


Our teachers are held to the highest of standards of accountability to our Lord in their commitment to Him and their passions for children. They are completely screened for their capacity to work with children. They also receive training each year in the areas of a child’s spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and social development. Classroom Ratio: Infants & Toddler I, 2 teachers for every 6 children; Toddler II, 2 teachers for every 10 children; Preschool, 2 teachers for every 15 children.

Curriculum & Goals:

Bible lessons are emphasized each week along with age-appropriate curriculum based on Arkansas' Frameworks for Kindergarten Readiness.

Infants: Our goal is to provide an environment for your infants to learn the love of Jesus through their care givers.
Toddler I: Our goal is to teach Bible stories through a variety of activities. We will also focus on activities to improve their fine and large motor skills.
Toddler II: Our goal is to show them how to love like Jesus through the Bible stories. We will also encourage learning shapes, colors, and number recognition with fun interactive play.
Preschool: Our preschool mission is to partner with families to help children develop the social, emotional, cognitive and physical skills they need in order to be prepared for kindergarten. We use multi-sensory activities linked to different unit themes throughout the academic year in order to provide a fun, Christ-centered learning environment for the children.