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BELLER, Wayland & Darla

Fellowship NWA



Precept Ministries 40-minute study titled "Turning Your Heart Toward God."

Parents with Teens,Singles Ages 20-29,Singles Ages 40-49,Singles Ages 30-39,Singles Ages 50-59,Widow/Widower,Young Family,Young Marrieds,Empty Nester

Currently, we do not have childcare available as we do not have a need for it with our current roster. We would be happy to add childcare options as the need arises.

Multi-generational Group of singles and marrieds meeting in Southwest Rogers on Thursday evenings from 7-8:30pm.  Study: "Turning Your Heart Toward God."  This is one of the 40-minute Bible studies from Precept Ministries.  This study is an introduction to inductive bible study which involves opening the Word of God, making observations, then interpretation, and finally application.  It is for everyone whether you are new to the Bible or have been a long time student of it.  This particular study requires no homework.  We will complete the lessons together each week.  Our goal as a group is to grow up in our  knowledge of the Word, deepen our understanding of God, and increase our intimate fellowship with Him, our group, and others.