Internationals Here Stats

Here are some practical ways to meet an international:

  • Become an i-Friend where you meet with an international student at least once a month.
    Contact at U of A: Karen Beitle, 479-575-6665
    Contact at NWACC: Lou Lo, 479-986-4069
  • Help an international student needing furniture get settled into their apartment. Learn more at
    Contact: Mitchell Griffith, 479-283-9206
  • Connect with international students attending local universities through the August Free Yard Sale, Tuesday Night Meal & Bible study, and many more opportunities.
    Contact: Kevin Smith, 479–601-1750
  • Converse with an international student to give them a safe place to practice speaking English. Contact the Univ of AR for an 8-week conversation club.
  • Provide a host home for international students from all over the world. There is a weekend program, a 3-week program, and a 9-week program.
    Contact: Bethany Peevy, 479-575-7600
  • Befriend internationals working locally or their spouse.
    Contact Kathy Harriell in Fayetteville, or Jean Deschenes in Bentonville/Rogers.

Text #intl to 479-282-2406 or click here to receive specific needs of internationals living in Northwest Arkansas.