Panorama of the Bible
A Broad Overview of Scriptures

This classroom experience is a broad, panoramic overview of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation in 12 sessions focusing on key characters, events, and the "Panorama Time-Line." It provides a basic, building-block overview of the flow of Scripture, which is foundational to future Biblical studies.

This series is based on the 2015 Revised Edition workbook.


Topics Covered
Movement 1: Prologue
Movement 2: Patriarchs
Movement 3: Redemption & Wondering
Movement 4: Conquest
Movement 5: Apostasy
Movement 6: Kingship - United Monarchy
Movement 7: Kingship - Divided Monarchy
Movement 8: Exile
Movement 9: Return from Exile
Movement 10: Life of Christ
Movement 11: Church Age
Movement 12: Final Consummation

Explore More:
The "Panorama Plus" curriculum found below explore each movement in greater detail. The 11th Movement in the "Panorama Plus" series will be rolled out in the Fall of 2019 (register at the link above).

Panorama Plus 1: Prologue
Panorama Plus 2: Patriarchs
Panorama Plus 3: Redemption & Wanderings
Panorama Plus 4: Conquest
Panorama Plus 10: Life of Christ
Panorama Plus 11: Church Age (coming Fall 2019)
Panorama Plus 12: Final Consummation